Sunday, January 20, 2013

Book Trailer

Check out the new and improved book trailer I whipped up!

Black Bean Brownies

I think we have a new favorite around here!
This is not my recipe.  You can find that over at  The are almost gluten free (they call for a 1/2 c quick oats), but she offers gluten free alternatives if you follow the link to the nutritional info.

Also, I didn't bake these as directed.  I used a greased muffin tin and cooked them about 10 minutes, letting them stand for about 20 minutes to cool.  When I make them again, I will cook them for 12-13 minutes to make the crust a bit crisper.

We decked these out with a simple homemade chocolate and a few chocolate chips.

Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Oh - if you're turned off by the black beans, Liz scarffed the left over batter and tried to sneak a third brownie.  This from a kid who won't eat a bean to save her life.

The Free Book Promo - A Recap

I had my book for free on Amazon for 3 days.  Having nothing more than Facebook, Twitter and a Goodreads contest, I gave away 621 e-books domestically and another 75 or so internationally.   Not to shabby for less than 600 combined followers on all three sites.

Of course this was never about the total number of downloads.  It was about getting my book into readers hands.  If only a few choose to read it, well that's a few more than had read before.  I've already seen some feedback from it - 3 new ratings on Goodreads, the lowest being 3 stars.

What I would really like to gain from this experience is some constructive reviews. Hopefully, as more people read the story, they will be compelled to do just that.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

ReGrow Your Food

So sometime last week I saw a post or a blog or something talking about re-growing food.  So I tried it with bok choy (my new favorite food):

Day 1- This was actually just over 12 hours later.
Day 3

Day 6 - I decided to remove all the extra pieces from the bottom.

Day 7 - Removing the excess was a good idea.  The plant has plenty of room to spread out . (The piece on the right is romaine.)

I can't believe how well it is working.  I figure I will let it grow for 3-4 weeks before trimming.  Maybe it will grow indefinitely.   I put the tiny romaine heart in the water too to see if it would regrow.  I'm sure I can't regrow enough food to be self sustaining (at least not on my kitchen windowseal) but any little bit helps.

So, what are you going to try to regrow?