Thursday, March 12, 2015

Work, work, workity, work, work.

I have been staring at this computer for so long I feel like my eyes are going to burst.   Trying to get my webpage for the sister company, Poster Child Shirts, up and running, and it is driving me INSANE.  

I hoped to finish it today, but I had to go into town to get Lizzie snacks and cash for her DC trip tomorrow.  

Remember when she looked like this??  I can't show you a picture of her at the moment because she won't ever let me take one.   And she hasn't perfected the art of the selfie (give her another year or two, she's only 13), so I'll just wait it out.  Maybe she'll have pity on her poor deprived mom and take a pic or two of herself on her trip.  

So the goal is to finish the web page tomorrow.   I CAN DO IT!  Right?

Also tomorrow, we are starting a 20% weekend sale.  Everything is 20% off no matter how much you buy, so shop shop shop and support our indie business. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Make Your Own Mushrooms

So I finally got around to making my whimsical mushroom.   I wish I could tag where I got the idea, but I've been procrastinating (me?  never!).

Anyway, I will say that I'd love to see a whole crop of magical mushrooms out there, but I'm pretty damn proud that I completed one.   But we'll see what the thrifts shops have in store for me.

This project is so simple that your kids could probably do most of it, which would be a ton of fun for them.   Seeing as I only have a surly teen at home, I had to do this myself.

You'll need:
A wooden salad bowl (I found mine at Goodwill for $2)
Paint and brushes
Some form of all-weather sealant (I used polyurethane) 
A drill and drill bit (needs to be smaller than your screw)
A screw (at least 3 times as long as the wood on your bowl is wide)
A tree stump in need of some whimsy.
First you want to sand the exterior surface of the bowl.  You don't need to remove all the finish, just rough it up a bit.  Wipe with a slightly damp cloth and let dry.

Now you're ready to paint.  Grab whatever colors you want. I went with the red and white because I'm a Mario geek, but these trippy mushrooms grow wild on our property.  
Do the edges first.  Don't be like me and try to hold it in the air.   That leads to paint splatters on tattoos.   Set it on the table and paint the outer lip, then let it dry.

Once the edges are dry, prop your bowl upside down (I used a Quest protein powder canister) and paint on two layers, waiting for the paint to dry between each layer.

Next, add your color.   The photo above is one coat of red.  I didn't take any other pictured of the painting process because the surly teen ran off with my phone.   You can free hand your design or add light pencil lines to mark your place.  After I d   id two coats of red, I went over the white dots again.  Let the paint dry overnight.

The next day (or whenever you get back to it), paint two coats of polyurethane (or whatever product you choose) to the inside of the bowl and the edges, letting it dry between coats.  Flip the bowl over and apply two to three coats of polyurethane to the outside of the bowl, again letting it dry in between coats. If you are using a foam brush for this, it will bubble.  You need to gently brush back over the foamy spots to   Let it dry again overnight.

** A note about the brushes:   I used foam brushes because they are cheap and disposable.  To keep the paint from drying in the brushes between coats, I sealed them in a ziplock back.   I managed to put the white in one corner and the red in the opposite corner of a quart size bag and they fit perfectly.   I gave the poly brush its own bag.  

When you finally get a day that it isn't raining in your rainforest, grab your bowl, drill, and screw.  Drill a pilot hole in the middle of  the bottom of the bowl.    If you want your mushroom top to be a makeshift stool, you will want to drill two holes about an inch and a half apart.

Wander out in your woods and find your stump.  I chose this one, right next to the nice path we cut last summer before the leaves decided to reclaim it.   If your stump isn't relatively flat you will have to cut it down.   Invert your bowl over the stump and screw into place.

Congratulations!!  You have finally finished a project.  And for me it is a super accomplishment because I actually managed to follow through with the blog post.   Yea me!!

I would love to see your fungi projects.
Post yours on instagram and tag me @wickedmoxie.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Short Walk

I didn't have time for a full hike today, but I made a promise to myself to take a walk today.  
So I went.

I gave myself 12 minutes in, but for some reason when I reached this spot my anxiety kicked to a  twelve and I turned around.   It only cut less than a minute off my time, but I'm glad I did.

The storm clouds rolled in very fast after that, but I managed to make it home before the downpour.

Bonus: Accidental selfie.  Enjoy!!

Banana Cinnamon Protein Pancakes

These look like perfect pancakes.  And I won't lie - they are!! 

One of the hardest things about clean eating is giving up certain comfort foods.  And while those foods may taste amazing going down, the residual effects on my body make them a no-no.   And really, the more healthy foods I eat, the better I feel and, honestly, the less I crave traditional comfort foods.  But it's nice to have these healthy alternatives.  

1 1/2 scoops vanilla protein powder (I used Quest Vanilla Milkshake)
1 egg
1 ripe (or over ripe) banana
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1/4 tsp salt 
1 tbsp coconut oil

Add all ingredients (except coconut oil) in a bowl and mix.  It will be quite thick.

Add water (or milk of your choice if you prefer) one tablespoon at a time until you get a smooth pancake consistency.  

Measure one tablespoon coconut oil and add a small portion (about 1/6th) to your skillet.
The heat is kind of tricky with these.  I usually set my stove at about 5 (medium), but I usually have to reduce the heat slightly as I cook the remaining pancakes.

Drop about 3 tablespoons in the middle of the hot oil and gently spread to thin.  Keep an eye on the edges - then the edges begin to cook and bubble, flip and cook until the center is firm.  Be careful no too overcook - they will dry out.

Voila!!  Beautiful pancakes, topped here with some Kerrygold butter & no syrup.   They don't need it!!  But if you need a little syrup to get the pancake feel, drizzle a little maple syrup or honey over the top.  

Iggy wanted to try some too, but hey were some yummy there were none left.   Better luck next time kitty. 

If you try these, I'd love to see your results.  Tag me on instagram:  @wickedmoxie